Develop your Music

Fit The Mould Music CREW is a mentorship training program giving young people with an interest and desire in the Arts the opportunity to explore and develop those skills, learning music theory and singing with amazing industry professionals. This program is designed to help aspiring young talent break into the industry, and understand sheet music for auditions, learn vocal techniques to find their voice, building confidence for a fabulous career ahead. A lot of our returning customers are incredibly strong dancers who want to go into the musical theatre industry Professionally. These days, being able to sing is a Must even to be cast in the ensemble, so we hope this mentorship program will help young performers grow, learn some new audition rep and help them understand Music and singing techniques.

This program begins on Sunday 2nd January 2022, and will run till Sunday 3rd April 2022.

If you’re interested in hearing more please get in touch and contact us at